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The flat was filled with boxes. Lots of boxes. They'd finally found a place that they had both agreed on. Water view and big windows giving them an amazing view out over the water and at the top of the building. It had cost more than it should but it was theirs which was what counted. It wouldn't be long before they'd be moving into it. First there was the old flat to pack up. Which was how Lyssa had spent most of her day.

She had packed up a lot of them and even at one point made a fort to watch the tv from before she'd abandoned that to go pack up clothes in the bedroom. That had gone well until she'd found the box stuffed at the back of the wardrobe. Well, the second one she came across. The first one had been the one with Diane's stuff in. It wasn't any of her business, he wanted to keep it she wasn't going to stop him. The second one... that was the one she dug through.

"Seriously Owen?" She snorted, she was as far as she knew the only one in at that time so talking to herself wasn't a big deal as was him shouting at her for her going through his porn collection. She dug through and pulled out a few of the magazine to 'read' before she found a dvd. She turned it over and started laughing madly, scrambling over the bed to put it on the tv in the bedroom and grabbed the remote sitting back behind the box and the mags on the bed wondering if she should actually watch the thing or not. It didn't take her a moment before she did. Giggling at the so called plot that was meant to be happening and picking up a mag to flick through. Lyssa didn't even think that if Owen walked in now he'd hear the dvd and not see where she was he could think anything was going on. She covered her mouth with a cushion and giggled at the tv, abandoning the magazine open on the bed. It was a much better afternoon than packing!

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Owen came home from work and was exhausted. Between trying to learn more about H. C. Clements, assisting Toshiko teach Tommy about the future, and dealing with people who didn’t know things that he knew, Owen was exhausted. All he wanted was a drink and a nap.

Till he heard the giggling.

Owen wandered into the bedroom and froze, his keys falling from his hands onto the floor. He took in the scene and didn’t really know what to think. She was watching his porn. She was flipping through his porn magazines. She was going through his PORN!

“What the fuck?”

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She looked up and had some decency in going red at him catching her. "Exactly!" Lyssa threw the cushion at him. "Oh..." She gave up and fell sideways laughing even more. "Why did I not get to see this sooner?"

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"What have you done?!

He got hit with the cushion and fell back onto the floor with a loud oof. He groaned, grabbing it, chucking it right back at her on the bed.

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She rolled to the edge of the bed to look over at him, cushion under her then. "I was packing, I found porn. Much more fun!" She giggled.

"Why did you hide it?"

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He rolled his eyes at her. "It must be left over. I don't remember bloody hiding it at all. Under the bed is where I used to hide porn before I met you, but fuck, Lyssa. Why are you so bloody curious?"

He stood up and came over to the bed.

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She rolled onto her back so she didn't have to lean up to look at him. "I dunno. It's just funny. Why are you ashamed of it? It doesn't bother me. Should I check under the bed too?"

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Owen wasn’t sure he wanted her to check under the bed. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do anything when she was looking at him like that. Most women that he’d been with had been the type that they didn’t like porn. She seemed to be fucking enjoying it. It was clearly throwing him for a loop.

“Uh… What do you want to do?”

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"More packing?" She looked up at him with a curious expression. Wanting to know what was going on with him. She wriggled getting an itch on her back. "Or we could watch more, if there is anymore...?"

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He blinked.

"You want to watch porn?"

Nevermind that if they watched it, they would never get any packing done. And why was she writhing like that?

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She was lay on magazines and they were pokey which was why, it would have been too easy for her to have moved them before falling over. Though he'd walked in hadn't he...

"Yeah, if you want to."

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Owen blinked. “Lyssa.” He moved over and sat on the edge of the bed, staying a little away from her. Mostly because he was hesitant and a bit scared. He eyed her up and down, wondering if some alien had taken over her brain.

“You don’t watch porn like some episode on the telly. It’s… It’s not like that.” He frowned. “Porn is… different.”

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Lyssa frowned rolling onto her side to listen to him, scratching her back with her hand and finally feeling better about it.

"Why?" It was to be one of those times that it wa hard to get away from the fact she was from a very different time and place.

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Owen blinked. He reached out and brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes. “It just is. It’s… Well, you tell me then? What do you do about Porn? How did you watch it when you were back at home?” He frowned. “Tell me why not?”

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"Like tv stations and all that, it was just normal part of what got broadcast. It's confusing I'm used to talking about stuff like this and it isn't a big deal, this stuff you've got makes me laugh because there's like trying to be some sort of plot." She snorted. "I mean why? It's just sex." She suddenly felt stupid and didn't really get why.

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He sighed. He never thought he'd be having an educational discussion about porn. "People are more uptight here. The plot thing just tries to make it more creative. I think?" He tilted his head, watching her. "It's just not done. Some are really stupid."

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"It makes me laugh." She tried to to giggle, then she had a thought. "But what about the times we... y'know, what about that?" She'd liked dressing up for him and she'd had fun with all that.

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Owen sighed. What had happened and where was the Lyssa that he knew and loved? Well, in truth, sometimes he forgot that she was an alien. Not everything was as easy or as cut and dry for her. It was good for Owen to remember it occasionally.

"What we do in private is one thing. I don't mind that. The dressing up. And I guess we can watch porn. Most girls aren't into that sort of thing here." He reached up, running a hand through his hair.

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"So I won't mention those things then." If she remembered not to during her oversharing moments. She crawled a little closer to him. "It's just us now, it's in the machine or do you want to pack some more?" She was quite prepared to get told packing at this point and continued on instead.

"Y'know why I love you, well one of the reasons, you explain stuff to me, help me understand what someone else might just take for granted I'd get. I like it. I wish I could teach you more about when I'm from." She sat up and put her arms around him.

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“You can mention them, just not in public. Some people might not like it. Not everyone is from the mindset you and Jack are. Some can be…” He paused. “They can be very terrible when it comes to things like sex. It’s a hard line.”

He looked up at her and wrapped an arm around her. “I love you too.” He tilted his head to the side, kissing her cheek. “Anything else you want to know, just ask.”

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She didn't make any stupid jokes then she put her chin on his shoulder. "I don't like the sound of those people then."

She had to think a moment then she had something she wanted to ask him. "What happend to that dvd with the cctv footage of us?" He did say anything.

Date: 2009-06-08 10:51 pm (UTC)
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"I don't know. Have to look around. It was in my desk at work. If the world was reset, we might have lost the disc." He rubbed her back soothingly with his hand. "And we'll just ignore the stupid people. As for the disc, we'll have to make a new one."

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Lyssa grinned, losing the disc was a good thing, she didn't care about making another one. She moved putting her hands on his face. "I'm glad it's gone." She then kissed him and tried to push him back gently.

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Owen fell on his back, looking up at her. He returned the kiss, but he squirmed a little. He was still fully dressed, with his shoes on no less.

"Can I get undressed first?!"

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Lyssa relented and moved off him though leaning on him more then she needed to first. "I suppose." She wasn't wearing anything more than shorts and one of his t-shirts, her reasoning that packing was lots of work and she needed to be wearing something comfy. She hated how she was feeling at the moment, maybe before it wasn't just a usual itch. She pushed the box off the bed and threw the rest of the things from the bed into it messily. It could get packed later. That done she turned all her attention back to watching Owen.

"Owen..." She dragged his name out as she sprawled out on the bed again. She should be reminding him it was full moon and this wasn't her fault exactly. Well it had been her fault in the first place when she'd nearly got herself ripped to pieces by the weevil. Somehow this month was worse than she usually felt. It could have been that she'd managed to keep herself busy the day so far and that had given her a much needed distraction until she'd found that box or him. Maybe even a combination of the two. She figured it was more him, since she'd been fine giggling before. Whatever it was in the end he'd better be a little more careful than how she usually got around a full moon this could easily get more than just playful growling and fighting with him. She whined his name again and crawled towards him.

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Owen could feel it too. The moon was for the next three days. They would get a bit itchy. He didn't think that they were so bad that they had to lock themselves into the cells, but after what had happened with the cleaner, he wasn't so sure either. That was the real problem, he didn't know. Usually they had just stayed home and not bothered anyone. Could they do that this time? Had something actually changed.

He kicked off his shoes and jacket, turning to face her. "Lyyyyyyysssaaaaa," he said, growling it right back to her. "Don't bloody whine. I'm right here." He reached out and stroked his fingers down her cheek. "What? Come on, I just want a drink first. It's been a long day, luv." He sighed. It all would get packed later. He knew it when he saw *that* look.

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Lyssa pouted as she leant to his fingers, the simple contacct wasn't enough. Though there was very little in her state that was enough. "You can drink later." Was just keeping the whine from her voice though impossible to keep the desire from it. "Long day all the better to have some fun first."

She didn't consider it was bad, they weren't hurting anyone else and they knew each others limits well. Even if she did get carried away sometimes he was quick enough to calm her down and get her to play a little or a lot nicer.

She rolled onto her back again to look up at him. She just wanted to play more than she usually did, the rest of the month if Owen said no or didn't want to then that was fine by her. But for the next three days she'd be awful and there would be no way she'd be going anywhere near the Hub unless it was to be locked up in the worst case and that would be met with resistance. She whined at him again, making a show that later wasn't going to satisfy her.

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Owen rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah, I get it." He blew her a kiss and took off his shirt, throwing it on the floor. "Just don't leave bloody scratches so deep this time. I had to have Jack help me bandage them up." And then he frowned. That was the old Jack, not, well, this Jack. What a complicated mess. "Or at least put them places I can do myself, places I can reach. Like the hips or something."

He kicked off the rest of his clothes and climbed into bed. "Maybe we should just tell Jack now that we won't be around for the next three days." Not that he minded, but he'd at least wanted a drink first. It always seemed to affect her more than him on the first day.

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"Did you tell him the truth?" She moved, stretching lazyily like a cat with her arse in the air arms out before her even her fingers spread wide. "That it was me?" She crawled up him. After tonight she would improve, sometimes during the remainder of the month she would feel bad about how she behaved with him. Sometimes she'd vow to herself to behave better. But in the end that feral part of her seemed to win over. But never enough to do any serious harm to him.

"And what about you biting me?" She'd had to wear her hair down for a few days to cover her shoulders and neck. Not that she cared he'd left his mark on her, part of her liked it. That same part called Owen her mate interchangably with husband. She kissed her way up his chest, nuzzling under his chin with her nose as she paused there a moment. "So call him?" That was if he could get away from her.

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"I really can't." He groaned. "Not when you're bloody doing that to me." He looked up at her. It wasn't that he minded. Far from it. “I did tell him some things, but not everything. I try not to kiss and brag to Jack Harkness.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m sure his stories would be ten times better. Whether they’re true or not is a different matter.” He snorted and reached up, tugging his hands roughly through her hair.

“I got some stuff from the archives. If fucking teaboy finds out, he’ll kill me, but I don’t care. It’s alien, supposed to increase pheromones. Just what we need.” He rolled over so he was on top, grinning down at her. Then, he crawled off, moving over to his trousers and pulling something out of the pocket. “Thought we could each take one. See what it does? Can’t hurt, eh? We never actually go out.” It was actually a sedative. And she would probably kill him, but he really was fucking knackered. And he knew how to read the calendar, thus the pills. He’d make it up to her over the next two days, but she was just such a firecracker on the first night. He couldn’t always handle it. Yes, even Owen Harper didn’t always want to have sex.

“You game?”

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"He probably wouldn't want to hear since it's me and..." The moment he tugged on her hair she lost her train of thought. Whatever she was planning on saying had gone and wouldn't be recovered then. This state of mind she craving contact and the rougher it was the better it felt. Logic in this wasn't a big strong point for her. Her last word became a cross between a moan and a purr ending with a slightly annoyed growl as he moved, though she obediently followed him without realising it. Something else that seemed to go with this mind set was a certain willingness to please him so she could get what she wanted.

She tilted her head and then grinned. It wasn't like she'd done weird things like that before. Sure she'd had her bad experiences but that was all part of it right? The main point now was she trusted Owen not to be poisoning her. "Why not." She tucked her knees under her as she sat up and held a hand out.

"Me first?" Because she wanted him to look after her if anything happened.

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"Do it at the same time." He took one and sat down beside her, giving her the other one. Reaching over on the table, he uncapped a bottle of water and inched closer to her. Winking, he took the pill, downing it with some water.

"I love you. You know that, eh?" He hoped she remembered that when she woke up horny and pissed off at him.

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She took hers without water, another of her little oddities that she could do. When he said that she frowned at him, she'd trusted him and what the hell had he given her to make him say that. "Yeah..."

Oh... she realised what he'd given her. It was too late of course by then and all she could do was slump against him muttering unintelligbly before finally sleeping. It was for the best.


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