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The flat was filled with boxes. Lots of boxes. They'd finally found a place that they had both agreed on. Water view and big windows giving them an amazing view out over the water and at the top of the building. It had cost more than it should but it was theirs which was what counted. It wouldn't be long before they'd be moving into it. First there was the old flat to pack up. Which was how Lyssa had spent most of her day.

She had packed up a lot of them and even at one point made a fort to watch the tv from before she'd abandoned that to go pack up clothes in the bedroom. That had gone well until she'd found the box stuffed at the back of the wardrobe. Well, the second one she came across. The first one had been the one with Diane's stuff in. It wasn't any of her business, he wanted to keep it she wasn't going to stop him. The second one... that was the one she dug through.

"Seriously Owen?" She snorted, she was as far as she knew the only one in at that time so talking to herself wasn't a big deal as was him shouting at her for her going through his porn collection. She dug through and pulled out a few of the magazine to 'read' before she found a dvd. She turned it over and started laughing madly, scrambling over the bed to put it on the tv in the bedroom and grabbed the remote sitting back behind the box and the mags on the bed wondering if she should actually watch the thing or not. It didn't take her a moment before she did. Giggling at the so called plot that was meant to be happening and picking up a mag to flick through. Lyssa didn't even think that if Owen walked in now he'd hear the dvd and not see where she was he could think anything was going on. She covered her mouth with a cushion and giggled at the tv, abandoning the magazine open on the bed. It was a much better afternoon than packing!
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