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who. Owen & Lyssa
what. one of those odd relationship talks they have
when. 16/12
rating. pg (its shocking neither swear much)

Lyssa: Lyssa had gone to pick up pizzas, there was already ice cream she liked in. What she picked to eat was probably the best indicator to how she was. She dropped the pizzas on the table and sat.

Owen: He wandered out of his office and blinked at her. "Lys?" He frowned and came over, standing beside her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

Lyssa: She jumped slightly. "I got pizza." She looked over her shoulder at him. She gave the box a nudge.

Owen: "I see that." He raised an eyebrow. "You don't look like you're in a pizza mood."

Lyssa: She frowned slightly. "What sort of mood do I look like I'm in?"

Owen: "Well you're not smiling." He sat down beside her. "Usually pizza makes smiles appear, not disappear."

Lyssa: "Well, I'm not eating it yet am I?" She tried to smile for him. "I've been thinking."

Owen: "Oh no, that's trouble." He teased her, leaning over to nudge her with his shoulder. "C'mon, talk."

Lyssa: She opened the box, taking a piece out she started picking at it. "I want to learn to cook."

Owen: '"So learn. They must have classes. It can't be that bloody hard." He took a piece out and nibbled at it.

Lyssa: "I'll do that. But it's why I want to learn." That was what she was bugged by.

Owen: He shook his head. "You can make ice cream. It can't be hard."

Lyssa: "If I get an ice cream maker..." She reached out to him. "I want to be a better person, be able to cook for you sometimes, look after you and at some point maybe even kids."

Owen: "Lys." He sighed and wrapped an arm around her, the one not holding his pizza. "I don't need you to be a great cook. You want to learn, great, but do it cause ya want to, not cause ya think I need it."

Lyssa: "I'm not talking about being a great cook, just sometimes being able to cook something for us without worry I'm going to poison us." She leant away from him a little. "I want this, I want to do this."

Owen: The leaning away confused him. "Okay. So do it." He sighed. "I'll do it with you if I can, but if there's something Torchwood, I have to go. I can't promise no weevils, no rift activity."

Lyssa: "If you want to, I won't stop you and Torchwood will always come first." She stayed away from him like that. "Can I ask you something?"

Owen: He blinked. What more did she fucking want? "Yes, of course you can." He finished his pizza and waited before grabbing another.

Lyssa: "Would you... And Jack... If I wasn't around?" It wasn't logical why now she'd chosen to ask him.

Owen: It took him a few minutes to wrap his mind around what she was asking. "Oh, that... Like... a relationship?"

Lyssa: "Yeah." She nodded. "Would you leave me for him?"

Owen: "Well, it wouldn't be leaving you, you wouldn't be here. You asked if you weren't around?"

Lyssa: "Around could be either way, if I never turned up, or had to go away for a day..."

Owen: He shook his head. "No, because it's two different things. If you're not here, never turned up, not around, then it's not leaving you for him. If you had to go away for a day, then it would be." He sighed.

Lyssa: She had to think about that, but he made sense. "Okay, so if I wan't here would you and Jack maybe be together, and I was here would you leave me for him?" She hoped that made sense.

Owen: He was quiet, thinking about it. "If you weren't here, probably not. He has Ianto. If he didn't, like this one Jack, who knows. Maybe? I can't predict the future like that. But if you're here, then no, I'm not leaving you for him. It's not like that with Jack."

Lyssa: "Oh... what's it like with Jack then? And would you leave me for anyone?"

Owen: He nodded his head. "Yes, I would leave you for Princess Leia. Can't help that one." He was such an arse.

Lyssa: She frowned and started picking at the pizza quietly. "Why did you say yes to me?"

Owen: "Because you're hot." He shrugged his shoulders. "And you're smart. You're not like anyone I've met."

Lyssa: "Really?" She looked up at him and smiled, then moved a little closer. "I'm sorry."

Owen: He nodded his head. "Should I be saying sorry?" He was really confused. He didn't know what brought this on but he was worried.

Lyssa: "No, I am for the questions and how I am sometimes."

Owen: "But I'm used to it." He laughed and leaned in, kissing her cheek. "Anytime you have a question, just ask."

Lyssa: She nodded. "I will and please don't leave me, I don't want anyone else to be used to my moods."

Owen: "I'm not buggering off." He rolled his eyes at her.

Lyssa: "Good." She gave him a hug then smiled. "I'm smiling and it isn't because of the pizza."

Owen: "Good." He hugged her. "Now eat some more of this shit before it gets cold."

Lyssa: "There's ice cream for later too." She grinned as she started on the pizza properly.


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