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Who. Lyssa & Owen.
What. Talking about people eating plants.
When. Late afternoon.
Where. the hub
Rating. pg-13

Lyssa: Lyssa had left Jack's office with a grin and a big box of parts or junk. She'd won a small battle with him that they'd been bickering about since the holidays. She took the box up to the hothouse to start sorting it out.

Owen: Owen made his way up to the hothouse, raising an eyebrow. "What shit have you got in there?" He leaned in the doorway, watching her curiously.

Lyssa: "Parts." She pulled unidentifiable metal bits from the box. "I got them from Jack, he finally gave up." She grinned.

Owen: "Oh hell." He laughed and made his way over to her, peeking into the box.

Lyssa: She pushed the box so he could look in it too. "Yeah and we can take the boys someplace too. If they and you still wanted to..."

Owen: "I'd like that." He frowned and pointed into the box. "But what is that shit? What do you do with it?"

Lyssa: "Be good to get out there again, for a little trip." She dug through it. "Replace the bits on my ship that need it, just like having a car, except I do my repairs, you cheat and it to mechanics." She stuck ger tongue out at him.

Owen: "Fuck that. I have better things to do then fuck with my car." He smirked. "My hands are medical wonders. I can't get them dirty."

Lyssa: She looked up at him and started laughing. "No, of course not, your mind is bad enough."

Owen: He growled. "Oi. Let the mechanics earn their piddly eight pounds an hour."

Lyssa: She raised an eyebrow the looked him up and down. "I don't know... think you'd look quite fetching in an overall all covered in grease..."

Owen: He shook his head. "You're... No. Just no."

Lyssa: "Oh relax, wouldn't want you to break a nail." She liked winding him up.

Owen: She really did. He grinned and walked around the hothouse, examining the parts. "I was afraid you had an alien plant in there or some shit."

Lyssa: "No..." She shook her head. "The only alien plant I own is the one in the kitchen." It was hard to tell if she was being serious.

Owen: Yes, it was. He never knew and that bothered him sometimes. "You're not messing with my plants in here, are ya? If one dies, it's on your head."

Lyssa: "He just looked a bit lonely," The sensible reason for taking it home in the first place. "So I took him home. He likes to listen to the radio with me when I'm attempting to cook."

Owen: "The one you brought home?" He laughed. "It's not like it speaks to you. It's not that bloody plant from little shop of horrors."

Lyssa: "Oh hell no," She dropped what she was holding again to lean on the box. "I don't want to see one of them as long as I exist."

Owen: "You've seen one?" His eyes widened. "Does it really sing?"

Lyssa: "Yeah, there are big people eating plants and no I wouldn't know, I hope not, that would be bloody scary. Being sung at as you're digested..." She shuddered.

Owen: Owen smirked and laughed harder. "Not really singing at you. More like singing around you."

Lyssa: "Thank you for that." She made a face.

Owen: He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "What song, eh? Ooh. Maybe there's a playlist."

Lyssa: "You are enjoying this discussion far far too much." She rolled her eyes then giggled. "It wouldn't be like a jukebox... would it?"

Owen: "Would it?"He thought it over. "Just what songs to you sing? What goes well with dinner?" He moved over and leaned against the wall.

Lyssa: "A nice Chianti? Given the situation, I guess fava beans too." She shrugged. "I've never really done the dinner dancing or songs, whatever, really."

Owen: "Not the food. We're the dinner." He laughed and crossed his arms over his chest. "But the songs. What songs."

Lyssa: "It'd have to be something cliche and rock for you." She smirked. "How about carry on my wayward son?" She took a step away from him, dragging the box between them as she giggled.

Owen: "No..." He shook his head. "More like... Eat it. Or Food, Glorious Food." He smirked. "Maximum Consumpion by the Kinks."

Lyssa: "And now I have the village green preservation society stuck in my head." She hid her face in her hands.

Owen: "Good." He laughed and started to dance. "Eeeeat it. Eeeeat it."

Lyssa: "Stoppit!" She laughed and moved to put a stop to his dancing.

Owen: He pulled away and danced around the table. "Eeeat ittttt."

Lyssa: "I'm gonna go find one of them plants and feed you to it now!" She pointed at him.

Owen: "You will not." He stuck his tongue out at her. "Don't tell me you're full just eat it. Cut yourself an egg and beat it." He smirked and danced off to her right.

Lyssa: "I might..." She moved and reached out to grab his hands, so at least she could dance with him.

Owen: "You can't dance with me. You were just insulting me." He took her and wrapped his arms around her, dipping her.

Lyssa: She looked up at him. "You're not objecting though are you? And it wasn't insulting, it was playful teasing!"

Owen: "Mhm." He smiled and lifted her up. With a laugh, he twirled her around, before pulling back. "You mocked me."

Lyssa: "I guess I did..." She started humming as she kept dancing. "We need more space to do this properly."

Owen: "We'll dance at home."

Lyssa: "I need to take the parts back to fit anyway."

Owen: "Yeah, well that's your project. Not mine." He smirked. "I hardly know shit about my car. You think I'm going to know anything about your alien ship?"

Lyssa: "No, and I'm good with that, there's lots you know I don't have a clue about. But I like the idea of dancing."

Owen: "Yeah, maybe." He shook his head. "You just like dancing in the sheets."

Lyssa: She blushed a little, "I do, but this time I mean proper dancing. Me in a dress wearing somewhat sensible heels."

Owen: He thought it over. He knew just the place to take her. "Yeah, we can do that."

Lyssa: "I can't wait." She looked so happy as she picked up the box. "I should take these home, do I need to get ready too?"

Owen: "Oh you want to do this tonight?" He laughed and headed out of the hothouse and down the steps.

Lyssa: "That was me not so subtly asking you if it would be tonight." She was a little behind, taking care with the box going down the stairs.

Owen: "Aw fuck, but I'm knackered." He tilted his head to the side and looked up at her. If she really wanted it, he'd do it, but he was exhausted.

Lyssa: "Aw, its okay, I got things I can do by myself so you can get some rest tonight".

Owen: "No. I know that tone." He stuck his tongue out at her. "Tonight, we dance."

Lyssa: She stopped. "You really don't have to, if you're tired we can do it another night." Maybe this was a sign she was growing up a bit and behaving like less of a brat.

Owen: Perhaps. Though it was still strange to Owen all the same. He raised an eyebrow and just kept walking.

Lyssa: She shook her head and started after him.
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