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Lyssa's attitude to 19th century London had changed. It had to really when you got stuck in a place for a while. It helped the miserable old git she'd been introduced to had been so easily swayed. Most of them were. Didn't take a lot for her to start getting the control she wanted without them even realising it. So she liked it. She even liked the little part of London that seemed like hell they called Jacob's Island. Even if that idiot writer was trying to get rid of it. That was her's. Well, not so much openly, couldn't be done having a woman in charge of things. But it was her's.

She settled into the corner of the cripples and wrapped a hand around a bottle of gin protectively.

Date: 2011-12-16 12:28 am (UTC)
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Bill strides, as he often does, into the Three Cripples and completely ignores the rest of the clientele. As far as he's concerned they're about as interesting as the underside of one of the tables. And possibly considerably more beer-sodden.

Bullseye on the other hand finds it very interesting when a terrified looking man decides to make a run for it as soon as Bill's back is turned, and his growl rolls through the pub at groin height. The man drops back into his seat, pale and shaking, and peers mournfully into his pint mug.

Bullseye, satisfied that his work has been done, and that Bill will probably get around to the man later takes a proper sniff at the air, and, tail wagging, he makes a beeline for Lyssa. He likes Lyssa.

Bill meanwhile has harassed a barmaid into handing over a large gin and he's currently glaring the wall behind the bar into submission. It's not going well. For the moment, Bill doesn't care to notice that Bullseye's gone walkies, but once he's finished with the wall, the rest of the pub may well become the focus of his ire. Today has not been a good day.

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Lyssa can't help a quiet laugh as she sees Bill's entrance and then Bullseye's reaction to the man trying to run away. But then the puppy was saying hello to her. Lyssa did love that dog. Yes, he was just as scruffy looking and could be as mean as Bill but he was a puppy when with her, the dog that was. Bill was a different story. Lyssa scratched behind the dog's ears.

"Shall I go see how Bill is? Or shall we have a bit of fun first?" She grinned and looked over to where the man was that had tried to escape. "Better see Bill, can't go ruining a good reputation by dispatching some bloke quicker than Bill can huh." She leant down and kissed the dog's nose before she got up.

The barmaid made herself scarce as she saw Lyssa approaching to lean next to himk. "Bill?" She spoke quietly, least she could do was keep acting the part of just another girl in public. After all she had Bill's reputation to think of. It made her life easier.

Date: 2011-12-19 12:50 pm (UTC)
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Bill hears his name and turns to the voice. Oh. It's her.

He grunts in admission of her presence and his scowl grows deeper.

"What you doin' 'ere?" He rumbles.

Give him time. Or not. He's unlikely to come out of his mood any time soon unless something amazingly good happens. Like maybe Fagin falling down some stairs in the dark and handing over the hidden stash of wealth that Bill knows he's got, and his 'business' just beforehand.

Bill doesn't want to talk about it.

Date: 2011-12-21 10:45 pm (UTC)
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"Well, I was having a drink." Lyssa explained to him. "But then you turned up, in a miserable mood." She had no fear in saying that to him then. "Figure I should give you something to cheer you up." A small smile crossed her lips.

"Ain't that before you go thinking." Though she didn't help disuade that illusion as she pulled a necklace from where she'd tucked it into the top of her corset. Then she pulled out a few notes too and pushed them towards him.

"I found these, thought you should be the one to keep 'em safe for me."

Date: 2011-12-22 12:31 am (UTC)
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As first the necklace and then the money appears Bill's scowl fades slightly and he sniffs, but no trace of a smile can be seen upon his face, nor should anyone expect such a thing to occur.

He looks from her face to the offering and back to her face before nodding and dragging the items out of sight.

"I reckon as I can manage such a thing, yeah."

He sniffs again, this time a tad more speculatively. "Anything else you want? Or is it just pesterin' me you was after?"

He glances down to his feet where Bullseye has now dropped and lolls his tongue out, hoping for the treat that rarely comes. Bullseye peers back up at his two best people and yawns a stretchy, doggy yawn before settling his head against Lyssa's boot.

Date: 2012-01-18 11:11 pm (UTC)
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She'd never expect a smile from him. The fact she'd made the scowl go away for a little while was an achievment in inself she could be proud of.

"Good." She nodded. Then looked a little closer trying to working out what he was thinking and if what he was expecting her to say.

"I'll settle for pestering you, unless you got something better you could suggest?" How she's tempted to say she wants the dog. But even she knows not to bother going there.


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