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There is a Lyssa in her workshop. There are parts everywhere. Half dismantled things and others half built. Parts of cars and even a spaceship are lying around the place. There's also a radio on. Very loud. But that doesn't make it the way up to the main house. It's all insulated. Lyssa has her part of the house that she can destroy and make things in piece and accidentally create interdimensional doorways. To her defense she was trying to replicate the little power source that was currently working at keeping the workshop from draining a significant power off the entire west coast grid. The half dismantled spaceship needed power to keep the computer running.

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"Lyssa? Bloody hell, I've been calling you..."

His eyes widened and his voice trailed off as he entered. He doesn't come out to her place very often. It's her work space and she likes it that way. Now he wished he had before. It was a huge mess!

"What is going on in here?"

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Image Tony doesn't notice the swirly portal thing form behind him, but when he turns around and accidentally steps through it into a different workshop he's definitely surprised.

He's fairly good at not letting it show. Besides which, it hardly counts as the weirdest thing that's happened to him in the past week or so. That honour probably goes to the giant lobsters. That sucked. At least no one appears to be shooting at him or demolishing buildings. Or screaming. He doesn't enjoy the screaming. Sometimes civilians can be really irritating.

He takes a look around the place, picking over the piles of car (and ooh, are those spaceship?) parts, and follows the sound of the radio until he spots two people by a workbench.

Tony grins and steps out towards them.

"Don't suppose one of you two'd like to tell me where I am?"

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"You were calling me?" She looked at the phone on the otherside of the bench from her. "I'm sorry sweetie but you know I never hear that phone down here." Because the radio or some other thing that she was doing. A few phones had died down there. To help various causes of course.

"I was trying to..." Lyssa stopped and pointed at the intruder. "Owen..." She pointed again.

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"Yes, I was. Then put the damn thing on vibrate and stick it..."

He turned towards the new person, raising an eyebrow. In a heartbeat, he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Tony. He didn't know who it was. And, honestly, if he's asking where he is, it might have something to do with the Rift. Still, he's not taking any chances until he gets more information.

"Name and rank. Now." He raised an eyebrow at her. "Lyssa, turn the radio down. Please?" He never took his eyes off of Tony.

"You're in the 21st century. Wales. Who are you? You look familiar..."

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Image Tony's eyebrow raises at their conversation. Such a couple. Then the guy pulls out a gun and Tony hasn't got anything on him.

"Woah there! Name and rank?" Tony holds up his empty hands. "The name's Tony Stark. I'd hate to presume, but maybe you've heard of me? ...I don't have a rank. Does 'Iron Man' count?"

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"And just where were you suggesting I put the phone?" Lyssa was so glad he never finished that sentence. When he pulled out his gun and started pointing it about she quickly reached and grabbed the gun from Owen's hands glaring at him. "That's no way to treat a guest." There were also a number of things that if the gun went off could go boom. Lyssa didn't want that. She went turn the radio down. Putting Owen's gun on the work bench away from him and putting herself in the way should Tony Stark, yes she couldn't believe she was actually getting to think that, decide he wanted to go for it. He'd get a fight.

"I think Iron Man counts as a rank." She was trying not to giggle at saying that. She loved Owen still didn't mean she wasn't going to giggle about having the newcomer that. "Why are you in my workshop?"

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He growled at her, but there was nothing that he could do about it. When she was being stubborn, it was all he could do to get her to listen. His head tilted to the side and he looked back and forth between the two of them. He didn't know where to begin.

"Iron Man? What's that? Is that like a cyberman? because I don't like cybermen. They scare the shit out of me." He sighed, reaching up to run a hand through his hair. A trespasser and a Lyssa who's loco.

"Yeah, what she asked?"

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Image Tony smiles. He prefers it when people aren't pointing guns at him. And at least the woman seems to recognise him, even if the man is acting weirdly. Whatever. He ignores all of the guy's questions.

"Hi, Lyssa was it?" He asks, stepping towards her. "Nice workshop. Lots of shiny toys. There was a portal-" He waves vaguely in the direction of where he was when he first arrived. "I came through it by accident, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't me who created it, sooo." He grins at her. "What'cha up to?"

Behind the smiles, Tony keeps track of Owen's movements. Maybe the guy isn't armed anymore, but he's clearly not someone Tony should underestimate.

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Lyssa would say Owen was always acting weirdly and he did have a sort of right to be then. Since well they were together and she was giggling like a teenager over Tony. Didn't mean she would do anything stupid to lose her Owen. Just giggle a lot and maybe wind Owen up a little bit. She huffed regaining a bit of dignity. "He ain't like a cyberman, Owen." She pulled one of the comics ( from the drawer under the workbench not the racks on one side of the room. "He's human can't you tell."

Maybe she wasn't entirely over the teenage giggling thing when he said her name. "Yeah, I'm Lyssa. He's Owen." She pointed to Owen then herself. "What've I been doing?" That made her blush. "Trying to get a more stable power source for my ship..." She chewed on her lip thoughtfully. "She eats too much power to keep her on the main grid." She wasn't looking at either of the men then, her attention was on the wreck of the spaceship. "I just wanted her computer online again, but I broke reality or something."
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Owen made a point of seeming to relax. He could tell the guy didn't like him. Well, he didn't like the guy either, but he didn't want to seem tetchy. Besides, Lyssa had taken his gun. He was okay at hand to hand combat, but he wasn't great. He wasn't Jack, that was for sure. Not that he hadn't been in a few fights.

His ears perked up at the word portal. "Portal?" He looked over at Lyssa. He very well could have been brought through the Rift. Great, another Riftee he thought to himself.

"She builds things," he said softly. "She thinks she's some Bill Gates."

He felt like he should know this guy, but he couldn't place where. When Lyssa pulled out the comic, he stared at it. His eyes widened and he looked back and forth between the comics and the man in front of him.

"No. This can't be. You're a bloody comic." He moved over to a chair and sat down. "I need a drink."

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Image It's not that Tony doesn't like Owen exactly, it's more that he dislikes people whose first reaction to him is to wave a gun in his face. Not to mention the fact that Lyssa's a lot easier on the eyes. Then again, he supposes he did just come through a portal of some kind right into Lyssa's workshop and Owen was feeling defensive. People had definitely threatened to shoot him just for being in the same room with their partners before, he just had that rep. And that smug grin, or so Pepper keeps telling him.

He nods at Lyssa and casts another, much more indepth eye over the workshop. "Not a cyberman, no. Whatever that is. Robots? Androids? LMDs?" He quirks an eyebrow out of interest, but he only pauses for a second to draw breath before he's off again.

"Ship? Spaceship?" His eyes light up. "Ooh. Tell me all about the ship. What're you doing running her off the grid anyway? Must be one hell of an electricity bill." He snuffs a small laugh at her words and shrugs. "S'okay, Short-shorts, Reed creates dimensional portals almost once a week. We can fix this." He smiles kindly, reassuringly. Then he spots the comic Owen dropped onto the floor.

"Hey! One of my comics." He grins widely. "You must be quick off the mark, they haven't been out over here long, have they?" He glances at the cover, but luckily his mind is caught up with machinery so he doesn't notice much more than the title before his attention is diverted. Comics can wait. Lyssa has a ship.

Owen's mention of drink on the other hand, didn't get past him. If there's some scotch (for example) in the offing he'll be the first to hold up a glass, but right now there's a ship, a potentially new ship, From a different dimension even. The glee is making him grin quite alarmingly now as he tries to wait patiently for Lyssa to show him exactly where all the cool toys are hidden.

Ordinarily he'd just barge right in and start fiddling with things, but he doesn't know Lyssa and while she seems nice enough, he's more worried that Owen'll pull another gun on him if he does something that he doesn't like. And anyway, as soon as she gives permission he's going to be sticking fingers into things and prodding stuff with tool sets, so he might as well be polite enough to wait for her to let him loose in her 'shop.

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To her credit when he mentions Reed she doesn't squeal outwardly, she turned to Owen and silently screamed at him before registering what Tony had called her. It was an improvement, Owen had at least got her to wear clothes while in the house given the chance of visitors. Today had meant to be a quiet day and hiding down here she had not been expecting an audience so what she was just about wearing was fine. Lyssa turned to Owen again and did something unusual for her. "Can I borrow a shirt Owen?"

Glad she had a moment to ask Owen that while Tony got distracted agan with the comics. "I don't know, I get stuff shipped from all over the world just to have it first. So things just turn up." Not the whole truth but not exactly a lie and she doesn't quickly shoot a look to a set of filing cabinets that are filled with comics. She's glad that topic doesn't linger long.

"Beer's in the fridge Owen." She reminded him, he didn't come down very often so he wouldn't remember.

"And you don't want to know what she's running off. You can meet her! She's... special. Owen's met her, she's special isn't she?"

Lyssa failed on choosing the right word for the deranged ships computer who'd been stuck with Lyssa too long. Mostly she was worried what he'd say what she was keeping the ship running from now somewhere between it's original Chula engine and Tony's arc reactor. There was always Owen's reaction to what she'd built. Lyssa worried he'd want rid of it for fear it may be a tad dangerous.

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Owen rolled his eyes and helped himself to a beer. He didn’t need Lyssa reminding him where it was, but he didn’t bother to correct her either. Meanwhile, in his head he was running down potential scenarios.

Offering to be nice, he poured a glass of scotch for Tony. He didn't want to admit it, but yes, he did read a comic or two. And he knew the kind of drink Tony liked. Moving over to Tony, he offered it to him. "Seems like you could use one too."

Owen shook his head. Reluctantly, he sipped his beer. He wasn’t sure what he thought of Tony yet, but at least he could be nice. He knew that if the two of them started getting into their technobabble, he was lost.
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