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FULL NAME: Lyssa James
DATE OF BIRTH: July 21st, 5072
SKILLS: Intelligence, programming/hacking, weaponry, fluent in multiple languages.
SPECIES: Unknown.

APPEARANCE: Lyssa isn't what most would imagine as a time agent. For the most she'll dress to suit the occasion. Though this is more likely to mean she's happy to wear anything or nothing. She does have a collection of original 1930/1940's dresses that she will go back to. In addition to that she'll always have her manipulator on. She is human in appearance though to what she actually is unclear.

EQUIPMENT INVENTORY: Lyssa can always be found wearing a vortex manipulator. It doesn't always work for time travel after being broken in a crash since she left the Time Agency. It does still work teleporting short distances. Also it can still transmit and receive audio and visual signals and project holographic images from it. There is also a damaged Chula warship. Lyssa 'liberated' it not long after going on the run from the Time agency. It had more replacement parts than original. The ships computers have been overhauled also, the AI now has a few quirks that at more like it's current owner. She will flirt with anyone on board.
Contrary to what she would like to believe about not being like her mother, Lyssa is like her.
Youngest of three children to very rich parents. The whole family was well known, mostly for her mother is a very well known character on her homeplanet, a planet which Lyssa refers to a backwater rock. Owning the majority of the land on the planet as theirs. Though through all this Lyssa was made to feel like the odd one out of the three. It didn't help with that there were a lot or rumours that the man that she had always thought was her father wasn't. She didn't get along or even see her mother enough to ask her if this was true or not. Her relationship with her mother in general was awful, worse than awful. If they were in the same room for long enough it usually resulted in a lot of screaming and shouting between the pair with Lyssa being removed.

Her mother was the most known of the family, for all the wrong reasons. The woman was everything that Lyssa was in addition to a vile and bitchy personality. It didn't show with her older brother [] either, but the oldest of the three Artemis it was present. Certainly not to the level of their mother still but it did lead to Artemis leaving home as soon as she was able. As far as Lyssa knows her sister is still alive but her whereabouts are unknown.

Lyssa spent most of her childhood avoiding her mother and instead following her brother who was trying to be like their dad. During this time she got in a lot of trouble trying to keep up with her brother and the boys he hung about with. Some days she'd come home a mess, covered in cuts and scrapes from climbing things she shouldn't have been. When she wasn't trying to copy the boys on their adventures Lyssa could be found reading. For her age she was smart. Smarter than some of the adults she was around. Thankfully it was her father that realised this and encouraged her to study. She could pick up languages easily and hacking computer systems was hardly a challenge for her. Her skills hadn't gone unnoticed and a lot of people wanted her for various jobs but Lyssa followed her brother and joined the Time Agency. Not long before the decision was made for her to be accepted to the agency her father, who was a senior ranking official in the Agency had been caught up in an unknown mission and was killed.

A while after joining the Agency Lyssa and her brother were split up. The reason they gave Lyssa was that being the younger of the pair it was safer her. They made it seem they were doing it solely for her benefit to keep her from the supposedly more dangerous missions. It was at this point Lyssa found herself removed from active duty and charged with upkeep of the computer systems including the archives. Something that would later she would be able to turn to her advantage although at the time she condsidered it a punshiment for an unknown reason. Through all that her brother was able to come and visit her, slowly those visits became more and more erractic until one day he stopped turning up. It was a few weeks after that when Lyssa was informed that he'd been killed in action. The agency didn't give her many details about what had gone on. If her mother knew then she didn't inform her daughter either. The siblings that had once been so close were finally separated. The funeral was to be the last time the family were all together in one place. Though she had lost two of her family that she was closest too to the Agency the decision she made was to go back. Losing family to missions was something that happened. Something that all of those connected to the Time Agency understood and accepted. There was nothing out of the ordinary for it all.

Upon returning back to the agency she was still working with the databases. That was when the first hints at something larger and more sinister was happening. Rumours were spreading about more and more people going missing and key agents being sent on missions that they knew they wouldn't come back from. Lyssa decided to try and get as much information as she could. Curiosity getting the better of her. She knew the risks but the truth could be worth it. The first time being caught it led her to be put not into one of the many rehabs that was the usual treatment for wayward agents but a small private facility. Where she was kept under observation for a while until she was suddenly allowed back to active duty. Not to the position she had before but to full active duty from which she'd been removed a number of years before. The cynical part of Lyssa guessed this was in hopes she'd get killed herself and be one less problem for the agency to deal with. Sadly for them this didn't happen and she kept returning. Years following the boys had done some good for her. So when she did get any downtime it was spent hacking back into the agency systems to find out what was going on. Still trying to find out what had happened.

Eventually when she'd collected enough information to piece together a basic idea of what was going on and that confirmed her suspicions that the Time Agency was sending experienced agents that could get in the way of the bigger plan on missions that they'd never return from. She was getting worried what they'd do if they found even though she wasn't coming close to getting what this bigger plan actually was.

Lyssa ran.
LIKES: New computer systems to play with, music, dancing, beer and flying.

DISLIKES: The slow path, her mother, being left on her own for long, her mother.

FEARS: Time Agency, people leaving her and not coming back, becoming her mother, Daleks.

AMBITIONS: Not to turn out like her mother.
PB: Zooey Deschanel

INFO CREDIT: [splott [@] rp_tutorials]


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